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Escaping · Futilitarianism

It's Been About Two Years

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So I decided that maybe I'll start writing in here again.  I'm pretty sure that no one reads this anymore but that's actually even more of an incentive to do it.  I'm actually kind of hoping no one does read this.

Senior year.  I honestly don't see how it's possible that it's Senior Year.  I just spent the last hour looking through my posts from GW and my transition to SJU and it just seems like an unfathomable lifetime ago.  So many things have changed, and I have changed maybe even more than I realize.

I've gained friends. I've lost friends.  I've grown apart from people and become closer to others.  I've fallen in love. I've made bad choices. I've made good choices. I've broken my own heart. I've lost track of how many parties I've been to and how many hangovers I've experienced.  I've cried on friends shoulders. I've held friends hair back. I've cuddled with roommates. I've travelled to Greece. I've had the best times of my life.

It's hard to look back and think about what if things had been slightly different. What if I had come to SJU as a freshman. Would I know the people I know today? Probably not. I probably wouldn't have joined Alpha Phi and I probably would have gone abroad for a semester and not gone to Greece.  I guess life has a funny way of working out.  At least I guess it has, for the most part, so far.  

Today in my African American Literature class the teacher asked each of us what was on our minds and one of the girls said that the GRE is in 3 weeks and how she didn't feel prepared.  The teacher responded that she thought we should all think carefully about going to Grad school right out of undergraduate and I think she really might be right.  

For now I think I'm going to either look for a job (most likely in a private school because they hire without much experience teaching) or I'm going to put an application in for Teach for America.  I suppose that's all for now. I really am going to try to update this on a much more frequent basis, particularly because I really do enjoy being able to look back at things that happened the way I did tonight. 

Ancora imparo. [I am still learning]
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On October 12th, 2007 01:29 am (UTC), old_school_nick commented:
Annnnd, I still read this occasionally...for the same reason you do. It's amazing how much we change.

We should catch up at some point.

Love, Moniquola
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