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Escaping · Futilitarianism

I obviously copy off of Molly all the time.

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Yeah I know, I'm a follower.

How much you've changed...

Take this quiz, post the results, and see how much things have changed since then.


How old were you?: 17
What grade year were you in?: 11th grade (aww American Studies)
Where did you go to school?: Haverford High School
Where did you work?: I worked at Cool Scoops Ice Cream Parlor in the summer.
Where did you live?: Havertown, PA. Only one of my favorite places in the world.
Where did you hang out?: Maddie's, Jake's, Brendan's
How was your hair style?: hmm I don't even remember. nothing special.
Did you wear braces?: Yessss. I got them off at the end of 11th grade, right before junior prom.
Did you wear glasses?: Yesss although I had also lost them at the end of 10th grade so I got contacts in 11th.
Who was your best friend?: Maddelah
Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?: beginning of 11th grade it was Brian Fairman...the end it was Trubin.
Who was your celebrity crush?: Ben Affleck
Who was your regular-person crush?: my boyfriends...and maybe some others...
How many tattoos did you have?: none
How many piercings did you have?: 1 in each ear.
What was your favorite band/group?: U2?
What was your worst fear?: bees
Had you driven yet: haha not until the end of the year
Had you been to a real party yet?: yeah
Had your heart been broken?: nope


How old are you?: 20
What grade are you in?: Sophomore in college.
Where do you go to school?: St. Joseph's University
Where do you live?: Philadelphia/Havertown
Where do you hang out?: Dorm, Frat houses
How is your hair style?: longer and darker
Do you have braces?: no thank God
Do you wear glasses?: no
Who is your best friend?: not sure
Who is your bf/gf?: no one...but I have an idea.
Who is your celebrity crush?: Jake Gyllenhaal and Topher Grace
How many tattoos do you have?: 0 but I want and will be getting one cause I want to be cool like my roomate, Laura.
How many piercings do you have?: 3 in one ear and 2 in the other.
What is your favorite band?: Coldplay
What is your biggest fear?: still bees haha
Have you driven yet? yes
Have you been to a real party?: haha, laughs all around.
Has your heart been broken?: yeah

well that was fun.

tonight's formal for Alpha Phi. That's pretty exciting. then NEW YORK tomorrow! Oh Liss, if you read this, if I get there at like 1 is that good?

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