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Escaping · Futilitarianism

I guess life isn't sucking anymore

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sooo...my last entry, which was a very very long time ago, was very depressed sounding. i'm sorry. i'm not depressed. still happy sarah. summer got better after that even though I didn't really see many people at ALL. that part isn't good. I really did/do miss so many people. I plan to somehow see them though. Mostly I've been hanging out with work/shore people. Movies. Boardwalk. Dinners...etc. the Mexican cooks have kept up their flirtations all summer. The one left me a marriage proposal on my timecard and changed my last name to his (Garcia). Riiiight. Whatever. he makes me free food constantly so I really can't complain. Today he asked for my email address but i thought he was asking for mayo and just kind of walked away. haha. I came up to the city tonight to see Jakey and Laura. We went to Cosi where I had a wonderful iced chocolate chai tea latte (which i've been obsessed with ever since liss introduced me to them at Grease). The waiter, however, was not as wonderful as that latte. He actually came up to us as we were waiting for the check, laughing, and went "oh yeah i totally forgot you even existed for the past hour hahaha." Ok, buddy, that really isn't helping you on the tip. haha I mean, i'm an absolutely wonderful tipper usually. like near obscene even. but not after that comment, no, no. After that we went back to Jake's house and basically just sat around talking and laughing (I love those two) and then Pam and Chrissy came over and we watched/semi watched mean girls. it was a very relaxing, lovely night. Tomorrow I have to go to saint joes with my mom to see how the housing situation is going and stop at the book store....hmm what else. OHH I forgot. Recently i've become somewhat of a shopaholic. I spent about 300 dollars at TJMaxx, a few various other spendings, and then 90 at this Delia's warehouse sale they had on the boardwalk. i must say though, i have insane amounts of clothing now. INSANE. I still want to buy some sevens and maybe another juicy sweatsuit and a nice bag...hogan perhaps? I don't want to go too overboard though, i'm trying to save for my eventual (like 20 years from now) purchase of a Cadillac CTS. And no, I'm not kidding. That's my dream car. Some day I'll have it. I honestly don't know what I"m going to do with all these clothes though. I now have about 7 winter coats...eesh. I thought I'd do this survey I saw on a certain Miss DiMarco's livejournal. I'm always a sucker for survey's.

10 years ago - (1995) That would be 4th grade, I believe. So I was in Mrs Rubenstein's class. Hmm what do I remember from that year...I had Mrs. Richie for Language Arts and Jake Smith did this amazing James and the Giant Peach musical. My mom read Steve Buxton's story about his Mom's guns when she came in to edit papers and thought it was hilarious. I played goalie on the field hockey team and sometimes got to play on the 5th grade team (WHOA haha). Emily Hart stole my tasty cakes out of my lunch for a few days and Mrs. Rubenstein made all of us whisper in her ear if we had done it or not. I was in the Wind in the Willows with Brendan, Christian, Lisa, Sophie..mostly everyone from Chatham.

5 years ago - (2000) I was going into 9th grade. High School. We went to Disney World with the Gesualdos, Sloans, Carrles, Pattersons, Ramplins, and Chloe Bendistis that summer. I got my first part in a show in high school in Tom Jones and knew from the first day that I would be in love with it. While that particular show wasn't awesome, the musical (Singin' in the Rain) was amazing and I had incredible amounts of fun with Laura, Maddie, Dana, Carrie, Jake...etc. It was in the days when everyone did the musical and Steve directed and the sets were awesome. The only missing elements were Jake and Brendan (and Christian because of his slight trouble with the law haha). I had Mr. Myers for English and saw Fast Times at Ridgemont High for the first time.

1 year ago - Ok now I understand that I should be doing this at exactly the time it was...like August 9th, 2004 as it actually was. So 1 year ago exactly I was working at the Mad Batter, getting ready to go to GW. Probably finding out about my roomates, buying my comforter. Broke up with Ross around that time I guess. Probably at the beach. I wish I could remember exactly.

yesterday - I got up at 6, showered, went to work. It wasn't that busy of a day and Luis made me a Quesidilla with chicken and put SOOO much chicken in it. It was amazing. I had to share it because there was absolutely no way I could finish it. After work I went to the Free Shop (not really free) and looked at their juicy couture stuff and shirts and ended up buying a yellow tank top (which i wore today). Then I bought earrings in Henry's and looked in this really cool store at engraved rings (the same store mine came from). AFter that my mom picked me up and we went to the Delia's sale where I bought like 10 shirts, shoes, a purse, 2 sweaters...then we went to dairy queen for small soft serve cones with crunch coat (bah, amazing)...when we got home she heated up new england clam chowder from the lobster house which we had for dinner and then at 9:30 (GASP) I fell asleep and didn't wake up til 6 this morning.

tomorrow - possibly the container store in KOP for all my newly bought clothes/accessories...then SJU for housing/bookstore, then back to the shore for lunch and beach.

5 snacks I enjoy - peanut butter cookies, chips and salsa, neopolitan ice cream, grapes (believe it or not), and sour patch kids

5 bands/artists that I know the lyrics to most of their songs - the beatles, elton john, frank sinatra, bob marley, jim boggia

5 things I would do with a $100,000,000 - buy a cadillac CTS, pay for school, pay off my parents mortgage, buy an apartment, buy a waverunner.

5 locations I would like to run away to - (first i have to say that this is a ridiculous question for me because everyone knows I'll never leave the greater philadelphia area but if i was going to say something...) Florence, Cork (Ireland), California, Nantucket, New York.

5 bad habits I have - Procrastinating, not returning phone calls, not standing my ground, messiness, awkward giggling?

5 things I like doing - hugging, watching movies, laughing, kissing, singing.

5 things I would never wear - black socks with sandals, a printed t-shirt with a stupid saying like "Mrs. Timberlake" on it, gaucho pants, a thong bikini, pointy/ hooker boots.

5 t.v. shows I like(d) - The O.C., Growing up Gotti, Hell's Kitchen, Friends, Law and Order SVU

5 movies I like - Wedding Crashers, Must Love Dogs, The Sound of Music, Love Actually, War of the Worlds (strange mix, mostly new...)

5 famous people I would Like to meet - Vince Vaughn (because I know he'd fall in love with me instantly once meeting me hahaha), Frank Sinatra, the Pope, Prince William, Tom Hanks.

5 biggest joys at the moment - I know in just a few minutes I'll be able to sleep in a lovely air conditioned room. I'm barefoot (I love to be barefoot). A lady staying in the hotel at work gave me a special edition copy of the newest Harry Potter. I'm off tomorrow. The sounds of my backyard in the summer are very soothing (crickets and other insects and such).

5 favorite toys - my ipod, my cell phone, my laptop, digital cable, the dvd player?
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On August 14th, 2005 04:36 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
chags!!! i miss you! you better come to h-town just once soon so we can reunite before an entire summer goes by without me seeing you! hope you're having a good time and i'm sure you're so tan by now i'd hardly recognize you...hopefully see you soon!
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On August 14th, 2005 04:39 pm (UTC), sboing replied:
haha wow i just realized i'm not logged in...it's sophie haha
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